January 30, 2020 / Zoenie Liwen Deng

the Book of Failure

This book is the publication of the Academy of Failure workshop in collaboration with Institute for Provocation Beijing in May 2018.
The workshop was inspired by Jack Halberstam’s book The Queer Art of Failure, in which he traverses different cultural domains, in both art and popular culture, to substantiate his claim that, “failing, losing, forgetting, unmaking, undoing, unbecoming, not knowing may in fact offer more creative, more cooperative, more surprising ways of being in the world.” (2011: 2)
Like Halberstam, we also hope to look for “childish and immature notions of possibility and look for alternatives in the form of what Foucault calls “subjugated knowledge” across the culture: in subcultures, countercultures, and even popular cultures.” (2011: 23)

You can download the book here:
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